Thursday, February 3, 2011

New book at the library: A Nomad's Journey

I am sorry I haven’t written a post lately. The month of January at the library has been taken up with producing and presenting a 5-Year Plan (called a Concept here) for the library. I am now in the process of working on a translation into English and will give highlights of the plan in my next blog post.
I am on the list serve of the International Committee for Crimea, and it gives me the opportunity to read information in English about Crimea, Crimea Tatars, and the Crimean Tatar diaspora. Recently I read a review of a new book and, as I often do when coming across a book I think would be a valuable addition to the library’s collection, I wrote the author and asked him to donate a copy of his book to the library. The author graciously complied, and the book arrived today. As always, the library staff was very happy to receive a new book for their English collection of works by and about Crimean Tatars. The book is A Nomad’s Journey by Atilla Bektore, who is now a resident of Florida. Written in English, it is the incredible story of Atilla Bektore and his father Shevki Bektore and their lives in Crimea, Russia, Turkey, and the United States.
Here is a description of the book from the back cover:
Born in Dobruja, Rumania in 1888, Shevki Bektore dreams of being a teacher in his ancestral land of the Crimea. When the horrifying events of the World War I alters his plans, he joins countless millions of others whose hopes and dreams are shattered in maelstrom of war and revolution. Arrested on a trumped up charge of treason, Shevki spends fourteen years of his life in Stalin’s Gulag in Central Asia and eight years in exile in Siberia.
Told within the context of contemporary world events, A Nomad’s Journey focuses on major milestones of world history that include World War I and the fall of world empires, the birth of Bolshevik Russia, World War II, demise of the Soviet Union, and the rise of the United States as the sole world power.
Shevki’s compelling story of survival, combined with his son’s endurance in the face of the World War II, Stalin’s iron rule, and the turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s, creates a stunning memoir of these two extraordinary men.

You can read excerpts from the book on the author’s website, A Nomad’s Journey can be ordered from and through your local independent bookstore. I look forward to reading it!

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